• Oaks & sudden oak death

  • Poison oak (cover up, report encroachment on trails)

  • Deer (watch your speed)

  • Invasive plants (help us remove star thistle, broom, stinkwort, etc)

Yellow Starthistle

This is an obnoxious weed which popped up in abundance last year in Westridge.  It is not only a prickery nuisance for hikers, it is a serious health hazard for horses.  The best course of action is to pull and remove it as soon as it can be identified.  See enclosed picture.  Look for it. 

Something else you can try:  mow as soon as you see the first yellow flower.  That will be fairly soon.  And then mow again two weeks later.  Waiting to mow till after it starts going to seed is useless.  Late in the season, the only way of handling this weed is to pull the plants, bag and removebut it’s much harder to do then when the ground has dried out.

Dittrichia Graveolens

Invasive annual weed, is now spreading exponentially in CA and has noticeably spread in Westridge in the last year. Threatens to crowd out native plants. Has been reported to be poisonous to livestock.

  • Redwood trees (don’t plant!)

We know, we know……..planting redwood trees as a kind of screening for your property seems like a good idea:
  good dense growth, nice color.  But take it from us, planting redwoods is a bad idea.  Although the Town of Portola Valley lists Coast Redwoods on the Native and Supplement Plant List, it specifies habitat as “riparian, fog drip.” 

This habitat does not exist in Westridge.   

Coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are the world’s tallest trees, and can attain a height well over 300 feet.  Visualize that!  If these don’t end up spoiling your own view, they more than likely will spoil the view of some of your neighbors, who have the right to complain.  Arguments over trees spoiling views are some of the most frequent among neighborhood conflicts that we hear.  Our Committee can help evaluate off-site views. What about Monterrey pines and eucalyptus?  Since these are fire hazards as well as non-natives, we recommend removing them.

But remember, you need approval from the Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee to plant and remove trees.