Fire Safe Westridge

Westridge & Fire Risk

Keeping your families, homes, and properties safe from wildfire is a top priority for the Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee. Our hillsides and valleys, while beautiful, are an ideal environment for a devastating wildland fire. As temperatures rise and vegetation dries, it is critical that we prepare to protect our community from this fire risk.

Please ensure your property has appropriate defensible space and is cleared of flammable materials.

If you need assistance in locating a tree care specialist for this work, contact us.

Woodside Fire Chipper Program

Woodside Fire Prevention District will be running their annual ‘Chipper Program’ to help decrease threat from wildfire in Westridge on June 28th and August 23rd. Please leave brush and branches up to 8” in diameter stacked along the roadside no more than 2 weeks prior to these dates.

WASC FireSafe Cost Sharing Program

Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee is piloting a program where WASC will assist in covering a portion of the cost of coordinated street-wide efforts to reduce ladder fuels including brush and branches.

WASC has budgeted a maximum of $10,000 to dedicate to this year’s fire prevention efforts. Projects will be funded subject to Committee discretion on a case-by-case basis, limited to a maximum of $500 per participating lot, or 50% of the total cost involved in removing flammable materials (whichever is less). At least 3 contiguous lots must be involved in each defensible space effort to qualify for WASC contribution. Committee funds will be dedicated to projects that will have the greatest impact in decreasing wildfire risk to our community.

It is encouraged that you coordinate your fire prevention efforts to correspond with our assigned Woodside Fire Chipper Program dates -- no WASC funds will be provisioned for chipping / off-haul services. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, and have coordinated a group of at least 3 neighbors, please contact with your project proposal. In your email, be sure to include the names and addresses of participating property owners, a description of scope of the fire prevention work to be conducted, and an estimate for the cost of the work. 

High Risk Vegetation

There are a few plants common to our area that are particularly flammable and are recommended for removal. Whereas most landscaping changes require WASC approval, Westridge property owners are permitted and encouraged to remove these plants at any time:

WASC also generally supports removal of eucalyptus and pines, due to the fire risk associated with these tree species, but as with any tree removal Committee approval is required. Please contact us to discuss tree removal.

*Poison oak will not be chipped by the Woodside Fire Chipper Program, and must be disposed of properly. Poison oak remains poisonous long after it is dead, so you must dispose of it carefully. Never burn poison oak plants, as fumes from burning poison oak plants are extremely hazardous.