Westridge Restrictions and your elected Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee

Westridge Governance Overview

All properties in Westridge are subject to the Protective Restrictions, Conditions, Covenants and Agreements at Westridge (aka Restrictions), which are deed restrictions that run with the land. Properties are also subject to the Portola Valley Municipal Code. Please contact the Town of Portola Valley concerning Town policies.

The Restrictions were established in 1947 with the initial subdivision of Westridge, nearly 20 years prior to the incorporation of Portola Valley.  The Restrictions define the role of the Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee, which is elected by property owners to enforce the restrictions and thereby protect their properties.

The Westridge covenants require the Committee to review in advance and approve or reject all plans for construction or alteration of structures and improvements within Westridge, including walls, pools, fencing, roofing, solar arrays, house color changes, etc. and for landscaping, including the planting and removal of trees.

Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee (WASC)

The Westridge Architectural and Supervising Committee (WASC) is an elected body comprised of five members to oversee Westridge governance, including the review process for approval of projects within the Westridge neighborhood.

Westridge property owners have voting power proportional to their lot size (one vote per half-acre). Elections are typically held in the spring. WASC members are elected for two-year terms, and elections are staggered annually so each year two or three members are elected.

Current WASC Members

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the WASC or getting more involved with the Westridge community.

Plan Review

The WASC is responsible for review of all structural, landscaping, and lighting projects within Westridge. The basic purpose of the review process is to maintain the rural ambiance of Westridge and assure that development projects minimize disturbance to the natural setting and the Westridge community. Learn more about the WASC project review process

Annual Assessments

Property owners in Westridge are levied an annual assessment of $20 for each half-acre (e.g. $100/year for a 2.5 acre lot).

These funds are used to maintain our trails, reduce wildfire hazard, host occasional Westridge community events, and cover WASC administrative expenses.

Westridge Restrictions require a lien be placed on any property where the assessment has not been paid within 60 days. If a lien is recorded, a release will require payment of the assessment, plus costs and an additional fee of $100.

WASC Meetings

WASC meets monthly at 4PM on the first Tuesday of each month.

All Westridge homeowners are invited to attend the open session of WASC meetings, by prior online registration. Homeowners will be encouraged to provide views, and interact with the Committee, on any topics scheduled to come before the Committee, subject to reasonable limits on discussion length. Registration to attend any meeting can be made up to day before the meeting by contacting secretary@westridge.us

Standard WASC Meeting Agenda:


1). Call to order/roll call/welcome other attendees 

2). Review/approve minutes of prior meeting

3). Financial update:

      a) significant new expenditures/authorizations

      b) assessments billed and collected, prior and current year

      c) cash balance at month end, notable accruals

4) Trails report:

       a) projects/work completed prior month/in progress

       b) new work required/projects identified

5). Homeowner Communications

       a) written communications

       b) comments from homeowners attending


6). Architectural & Site Review, New Projects                                           

       a) permits filed with Town of PV

       b) plans received from owners

7). Architectural and Site Review, Ongoing Projects                                 

8). Non-ASR topics, Governance matters, Legal matters and communications (if any)

Protective Restrictions, Conditions, Covenants and Agreements at Westridge (Doc, PDF)

Westridge Protective Rest... Covenants and Agreements